Privacy Policy

The terms and conditions of Get Streaming Devices will state the important requirements that are regarding the use of the website. Kindly read them carefully as this would contain all the important details and instructions that is pertained with the rights and obligations of the website.

We at Get Streaming Devices will collect and generate different data about you. Don’t worry all your privacy would be kept secret. It is of utmost importance that we will protect your personal data and this is our commitment. We totally follow the provisions that are applied by the law. We also follow the reasonable security practices as well as the procedures and the sensitive personal data of the user. We always abide by the rules to maintain the privacy of personal data.

Cookie Policy
As a user, you should take note that we save your “cookie”. It is a small piece of information that is stored by a web server in a web browser. The cookies that we store can be used for tracking technology and that too, depending on the feature that is offered. Take note that no personal data will be collected through the saved cookies or via any other tracking technology.

Protection of Personal Information
At Get Streaming Devices, we tend to protect the complete security of your Personal information.We store the encrypted information about the user in secure systems/computers and we ensure that no one discloses it to any third party. We restrict the users involved in the management of the data center where the data is stored. In addition to this, we also use the advanced security technology that can be used to prevent the computer from being accessed by unauthorized persons. Hence we keep your data secure.

Disclosure of any Details
We follow a strict note that we do not disclose or even share any of your personal information with any third party. Keeping the information security is our main motive and we will not share any of your stored personal information with anyone.

Our Refund Policy
At Get Streaming Devices, we perfectly believe in fair policy and we take utmost care to do everything that can help in meeting the technical issues your satellite device. We tend to bring out the best in terms of capability and resolve all the technical issues with your satellite Device arising in-front of you. You can properly rely on prompt assistance anytime you want to. Our talented expert professionals work round-the-clock to serve the clients in every possible manner. We make sure to provide the topmost quality of solutions that are listed on the Streaming Device Activation website are up to the mark.If any user has any questions about the Privacy Policy at our website, they can send us an e-mail added with listed inquiries.